Welcome on the new website
of Church in Kovacica, Serbia.

Welcome on the new website of Church in Kovacica that represents an undenominational and independent group of honest Christians oriented on studying the Bible, God's Word which reveals to us Lord Jesus Christ to be same yesterday, today and forever. (Hebrews 13:8)

Who was William
Marrion Branham?

Have you heard of thousands healed in his worldwide meetings, hundereds of thousands of accurate and detailed discernments and prophecies? He had meetings with over 300,000 people in attendance and more than 1,100 recorded sermons and teachings...

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Where will you spend eternity?

There is coming a day when each of us, whether Christian or otherwise, will find out exactly what is beyond the curtain of time. The Bible promises Eternal Life to some, and to others, it promises damnation.

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What really happened in the Garden of Eden?

Do you really think that all the sickness, all sins and wards came to the world, just beacuse of one apple? Was it really a talking snake that tricked Eve? Why was Cain evil?

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